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Sysdoc is a different way to think about your system documentation.

We provide a simple methodolgy along with software to give you and your team the tools and guidance it needs to finally get your IT documentation in order.You don't need a complex rulebook on how to "properly" do your documentation, that's why we broke it down into 4 basic guidelines:

#1 Docs are Perishable

Just like the eggs in your refrigerator, your docs should have an expiration date. IT is a fast paced industry where change is constant. Setting an expiration date on every document you create or update lets you think about how fast this information might go out of date. This builds a quality library of accurate information you can count on, and keeps you from getting overwhelmed on what needs to be reviewed.

#2 Embrace the Habit

Documentation doesn't need to take hours every day. Take just a couple minutes during your day and document what you have done. It doesn't need to be fancy or highly formatted, and your future self will thank you.

#3 Divide and Conquer

Documentation is a team effort and should not be delegated to an intern. Everyone should know what documentation they are responsible for maintaining. This makes it much easier to spread the workload and be confident that you have full coverage of your documentation.

#4 Roll with the Punches

You are going to forget to document something. Your system will have an outage and you are not going to have time to record how it was fixed. You are going to forget to update a document, and it will become outdated. All of this is ok, it happens to the best of us. Understand it's normal and keep doing the best you can. Most important, don't quit documenting your system because something didn't go as planned.

Sysdoc is Everywhere

Whether you are at the office, or on the road, you'll always have access to Sysdoc. You don't have to worry about having the right application installed on your computer or phone to get to the information you need. Sysdoc looks great on desktop, tablet, and mobile browsers.

On Premise or Hosted, it's up to you

Need to run Sysdoc on your own server? No Problem.
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Managed Host

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